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Navman releases first-ever GPS device dedicated to truck drivers


mytruck2Well-known GPS manufacturer Navman has released the first-ever GPS device dedicated to truck drivers with specific guidance for larger vehicles.

My Truck will be a welcome product by the many drivers who criss-cross Australian cities and highways and offers routes suitable to larger B-Double trucks and even HAZMAT (hazardous materials) restricted vehicles.

Now, instead of spending hours researching lists of approved roads when planning their routes, truck drivers can now plot their journey in seconds.

In Victoria alone, truck drivers have to look through three separate documents – the approved local roads, the edition of the bulletin for B-Doubles and larger vehicles and current edition of the Vic Roads height information.

The Navman MY Truck has a 5-inch screen and a ruggedised exterior which means it can withstand the daily demands of a truck driver.

The Navman MY Truck has a 5-inch screen and ruggedised exterior

Apart from providing relevant routes, MY Truck also delivers information about petrol stations and rest stops on their journey.

When planning their trips truck drivers enter the type and dimensions of their vehicles and the MY Truck will avoid roads the truck can’t travel on, including roads where there are height, width, weight, load and large vehicle and hazardous material restrictions.

Also on board the device are Premium Safety Alerts which warn drivers about red light and safety cameras, operational school zones and black spots.

The MY Truck will also warn drivers of potentially hazardous spots like sharp bends, steep inclines and declines and road that are dangerous in icy or wet weather.

A B-Double truck that will benefit from using the Navman MY Truck GPS device. Picture: Richard Mohr Collection

And because truck drivers spend so many hours behind the wheel, Navman’s MY Truck also has a driver fatigue alert that sounds a warning after two hours of continuous driving and suggests rest options and stops along their route.

Users can also enter their destination with their voice to save them from touching the device while driving.

There is also lifetime support for SUNA’s live traffic reports and updates which are updated every 30 seconds.

Also included are lifetime updates for Australian and New Zealand maps so you can rest assured the MY Truck’s maps will always be up to date.

Navman’s MY Truck is available now from Navman’s Online Store Navstore and is priced at $699.

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