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Navman launches new SmartGPS navigation system


navmansmartgps4Navman has just launched its brand new SmartGPS device that now offers even more connectivity to bring drivers the latest information based on your location.

This information could be the cheapest petrol in your area, special offers at nearby cafes and restaurants along with the locations of mobile speed cameras nearby.

Navman’s SmartGPS also has a free companion iOS and Android smartphone and tablet app to allow users to search and input addresses and then send them to the in-car device.

It is also the first device that can sync with social media platforms like Yelp and Foursquare so users can receive live recommendations for points of interest and things to do and see around the country.

The product has a 5-inch screen which displays the map alongside tiles that contain real-time information that can be useful on your journey.

The new Navman SmartGPS has a new interface and even more connectivity

The device’s operating system has been built on the open Android platform and now has a new interface that is easy to navigate and customise.

SmartGPS connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and also has wi-fi connectivity so when it brought into your home – or if the wi-fi reaches all the way to your car in the garage or driveway – it will update information like saved addresses, live information, weather, traffic and speed camera locations.

The Navman SmartGPS has tiles with live information near your location

This data is cached on the device’s memory and will be stored for a certain period until it has updated information to replace it with.

Of course the SmartGPS still offers the type of high-quality navigation you come to expect from Navman including premium features like SUNA Live Traffic information and spoken safety alerts.

Also introduced with Navman’s new SmartGPS device is the Smart – an online platform – where users can access their SmartGPS accounts online.

The Navman SmartGPS can also connect to social media and allow user to discover even more places of interest

The Navman SmartGPS is priced at $299 and available now from JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smith.

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for a complete review in the coming weeks.

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