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Laser Navig8r – the black box recorder for your car

navcam 1Consumer electronics accessories company Laser has launched the Navig8r Crash Cam – the equivalent of a black box recorder for your car.

The device, priced at just $99, is a handy solution for anyone who spends any time on the road and wants to have a complete record of any driving incidents if they occur.

It provides pictures and videos to allow closer scrutiny of hard-to-prove situations like accidents and red light and speed camera violations and anything else that may happen on the road.

Designed for both consumer and commercial use, the product can be used by insurance companies and assessors and even the police in some circumstances as they try and piece together an on-road incident.

The Navig8r Crash Cam has a 5 megapixel camera with a 120 degree wide-angle lens which can capture still images and videos up to 720p resolution even in low light conditions.

The Laser Navig8r Crash Cam - like a black box recorder for your car

The device attaches to your car’s windscreen with a mount and can be set for continuous loop recording in selectable two, five and 15 minute increments which are recorded to a microSD card.

Pictures and videos can be played back without the need for special software either on your computer or on the device itself on the built-in 2.5-inch colour TFT LCD screen.

Laser’s device can be used by drivers of all levels of experience as well as others who spend a lot of time on the road including truck drivers, taxi drivers, couriers, on-road sales reps, limo drivers, car hire operators and even car dealers in their test drive vehicles.

The Laser Navig8r Crash Cam can record high definition video and capture 5 megapixel images

Apart from recording incidents, the Laser Navig8r Crash Cam can also be used to monitor driving habits.

Available soon will be the Navig8r Crash Cam with GPS which can include the vehicle’s position Google maps in the event of an incident plus speed and direction of travel.

The Laser Navig8r Crash Cam is available now on the company’s website or through selected retailers for $99.

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