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Sony to release limited edition red PlayStation 3

redps3Gamers will be seeing red at the end of the month with the release of a limited edition scarlet red PlayStation 3 console with two matching controllers.

Available on May 31, the limited edition PS3 will have a 320GB hard drive and will be bundled with two Dualshock controllers that are the same colour as the console.

The scarlet red PS3 will be available from selected retailers and will stand out from the usual black products that fill our entertainment units.

The PlayStation 3 has a massive line up of exclusive titles and access to a wide range of online services and content.

The PS3 is also a fully-fledged Blu-ray Disc player to watch full high definition movies and access all the extra features and online BD Live content.

When the scarlet red PlayStation 3 goes on sale on May 31 it will be priced at $459.95.

The limited edition scarlet red PlayStation 3

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