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Moga pocket controller for Android smartphone gamers

moga4We love playing games on our smartphones because it’s fun and convenient but you can take it to the next level with the new Moga pocket controller.

The latest mobile devices are delivering near console quality games but the touchscreen controls are not always ideal.

With the Moga controller you can now enjoy games on the go with your Android smartphone but with the physical controls to make it even closer to a console gaming experience.

Moga connects wirelessly to your device with Bluetooth and has all the controls you’d expect to find on a regular console gaming controller.

These include dual analog sticks, shoulder triggers and the four action buttons plus home, start and select keys.

There’s even a spring-loaded arm to hold your smartphone in place and keep your hands free to use the controls. It can fit devices that are up to 82mm wide including the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The Moga Pocket Controller lets you control your Android games

The Moga Pocket Controller can also work with Android tablets. Of course you can’t fit the tablet into the clip but it will still pair and work as long as you are within the 10m Bluetooth range.

Moga feels comfortable in your hand and is big enough to easily control your game. The device is powered by two AAA batteries.

The Moga controller can fit Android devices up to 82mm wide

It’s slightly bigger than a smartphone and also comes with its own leather pouch so you can take it everywhere with you and still keep it protected.

Users can download the Moga Pivot app from the Android Play Store which includes links to the latest apps that have been optimised for the Moga controller.

Included with the free Moga Pivot app is the classic game Pac-Man which brilliantly showcases the controller and how easy it is to use.

Moga can also work with Android tablets

Among the growing list of games that have been developed for Moga include sporting and driving games (Downhill Extreme, Bus Simulator 3D, Asphalt Airborne 8), first person shooters (Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, BlastPoints), Brain and Puzzle games (DopTrix, Gravi) and Arcade games (Blue Skies Helicopter Shooter).

You can view the entire catalogue of games that have been developed to work with Moga at

The Moga Pocket Controller is priced at $59 and available now at EB Games.

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