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TimBuk2 Power Commute can keep your gadgets charged on the go


timbuk2We need a bag to carry around our gadgets but also need a power source to recharge them. The new bag from TimBuk2 can actually do both on the go.

At first glance the TimBuk2 Power Commute looks like a regular spacious messenger bag with separate pockets for your devices and a compartment to keep your laptop safe on the move.

But the big difference with the Power Commute is the included “Joey” charging system which was designed by a former NASA engineer.

The Joey is a cordless charging module that fits inside a dedicated pocket on the inside of the bag with ports to thread a cable to the device that needs power.

It can charge your smartphone, tablet, camera and any other USB –powered device while you’re out and about.

The TimBuk2 Power Commute can keep your devices charged on the move

The Joey has the ability to determine the highest charge rate to the device to achieve the fastest charge speed.

When the Joey itself has been fully charged it has enough power to recharge most standard smartphones twice.

The “pass through” function of the Joey also means it can still supply a charge to connected device while it is being charged itself.

The Joey charging module that sits inside the TimBuk2 Power Commute

It’s also possible to thread the charger cable outside the bag to charge a device you might need to use at the same time.

The TimBuk2 is hand stitched and made of strong ballistic nylon.

It has side and front pockets along with an internal organiser for pens and other stationery plus a key tether and a side-elasticised pocket for a water bottle.

The TimBuk2 Power Commute is priced at $299.95 and will be available this month.

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