Modern technology gives us many things.

The Theragun Mini 2.0 is like having your own personal masseur everywhere you go

Wellness brand Therabody got our attention with the Theragun massage device and now it has released its baby brother – the Theragun Mini 2.0 – which you can take anywhere with you.

The Theragun Mini 2.0 is a travel-sized product that offers the same percussive therapy but in a compact form factor.

And this 2.0 version is 20 per cent smaller and 30 per cent lighter than the first generation Mini.

Therabody has customised its proprietary brushless motor has been shrunken down to its smallest size ever to still deliver the power you expect but from a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

That smaller size makes it easier to slip into a bag or even a jacket so you can take it with you to iron out the knots and get some massage relief on the move.

There are three speeds – 1750rpm, 2100rpm and 2400rpm – and three attachments – the Dampener, the Standard Ball and the Thumb.

These attachments are different sizes and shapes to offer different treatments and massages to suit various parts of your body.

It’s designed to easily grip in your hand with easy access to the main button with your thumb so you can control the speed and turn it on and off.

The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that will run for up to two hours on a single charge.

The Theragun Mini 2.0 can be recharged via the onboard USB-C port.

It even has Bluetooth so it can be paired to the Therabody app and offer treatments and warmups for various parts of your body.

It has warm-up routines for runs and post-run recovery and warm-ups and recoveries for upper body, lower body and other specific areas.

One area we used was the 5-minute treatment for tech neck because we’re working on our laptop every day.

This involved using the Theragun Mini 2.0 on our biceps and traps. It also told how long we needed to hit each body part and what attachment we needed to use.

It’s like having your own personal masseur for each part of your body.

When setting up the app we were asked if we played any sports and took part in any other activities.

We were also asked if we had any problem areas and what we wanted to achieve including reducing stress and soreness and reducing lines on our face and puffiness around our eyes.

The Theragun Mini 2.0 is available now for the reduced price of $199 – it was $349.