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SpotNSave wearable security device could be a life saver

spotnsave5When you think of wearable devices it’s usually for tracking activity and sleep but the new SpotNSave band can literally prove to be a life saver.

The Bluetooth-enabled security wristband links to your smartphone through the companion app for real-time tracking of your location to up to five of your friends or family members.

And if you feel in danger or in need of help there is an SOS button on the SpotNSave that can send an alert to one of your chosen “guardian angels” in the form of a text message with your precise location.

Once your guardian has this information the app can even provide turn-by-turn directions to your location.

Even if the user doesn’t get the chance to hit the SOS button there is still real-time tracking so your network of people can see exactly where you are at anytime.

The SpotNSave wearable security device can be useful for parents to give to their child, for women who feel nervous walking through certain neighbourhoods and for elderly people who can hit the SOS button if they have a fall or need any kind of assistance.

The SpotNSave security bracelet can send an SOS or provide real-time tracking

The band has its own rechargeable battery that can run for up to 18 hours but it does have the ability to send your last known location if it runs out of charge.

And there are no monthly costs or subscription fees to use the SpotNSave.

Once it’s paired to your smartphone it will continue to provide location information through the GPS built into your mobile.

SpotNSave is available in three colours - black, brown and white.

SpotNSave’s free companion app is only available for Android at present but there are iPhone and Windows Phone versions in the works that will be released soon.

The SpotNSave security bracelet is available in three colours – black, brown and white.

SpotNSave is available now to purchase online and is priced at $US37.99 plus $US10 shipping costs to have it delivered anywhere in the world.

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