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Seagate’s new hard drives put content at your fingertips anywhere

seagate1Seagate has just released two new external hard drives which provide easy access to your favourite content and a back-up for all of your important files.

The new Seagate products include the Central Shared Storage and the Wireless Plus with both allowing access at home or on the go.

Seagate recent announced it had become the first manufacturer to ship two billion hard disk drives. It took the company 29 years to hit the first billion and just four years to hit the second billion.


This is like a home cloud storage solution which gives users access to all of their content and can also provide automatic back up for PCs and Macs in the home.

Within the home user can wirelessly stream the content to other devices like tablets and smartphones and easily access files from the drive using a gaming console, media player and smart TVs.

The Seagate Central Shared Storage

Samsung Smart TVs will ship with a dedicated app to you can easily navigate media files on your screen.

Users can also access the drive’s contents remotely as well through a web browser or via a free app for tablets and smartphones.

Seagate’s Central Shared Storage will be available in April for $199 (2TB), $269 (3TB) and $369 (4TB).


The Seagate Wireless Plus is a 1TB portable external hard drive which can wirelessly stream content to up to eight smartphones or tablets.

There’s a rechargeable battery onboard the Wireless Plus which can got for 10 hours on a single charge which makes it an ideal companion for travellers on long flights or road trips.

The device creates its own wi-fi network and connects directly with smartphones so it can stream stream content even without an internet connection like on board a flight or in car, for example.

The Seagate Wireless Plus drive

Seagate’s Wireless Plus drive can be accessed using a free dedicated app which is available for iPhone and iPad and Android devices.

The Samsung Smart TV app will also allow a wireless connection to the files onboard the Wireless Plus drive.

The Seagate Wireless Plus mobile storage is available from JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks and other major retailers for $249.

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