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Review: Uniden Door Watch wireless video intercom

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Many people who build a new home usually opt for a video intercom system which is cabled up during the construction.

But what if your house is already built and you wanted to retro-fit a video intercom? You could – but it would mean tearing open walls and snaking cables.

Not if you opt for the Uniden Door Watch UWG 700 – a wireless digital video intercom system.

This plug and play system can link a camera at the door to 7-inch monitor inside the house without the need to connect them with a physical cable.

The Uniden Door Watch UWG 700 is quite easy to set up.

Starting at the front door users can easily mount the unit which houses the camera, microphone, speaker and doorbell.

It’s a little on the bulky side at nearly 18cm long, 10cm wide and 4cm thick. On the upside visitors to your front door will not miss the doorbell.

You have the choice of either powering the camera using the mains or with AA batteries.

Even with batteries the camera can run for up three months – and that’s with up to five visitors to your door a day.

Fitting the camera is as easy is drilling four holes, attaching the mount with the supplied plugs and screws and then attaching the camera to the mount with two more screws.

The Uniden Door Watch UWG 700 wireless video intercom

Back inside the 7-inch LCD monitor can be either mounted on the wall or positioned on a flat surface like a picture frame. Included with the product are cable allow users to link the monitor to a TV to watch the video on a larger screen.

The camera and monitor of Door Watch are easy to pair to the same frequency.

Once the front door bell rings the camera is activated and the monitor comes to life. And presents a wide angle shot of whoever is at your front door.

The monitor’s push to talk button allows the homeowner to talk to whoever is at the door and also hear their reply.

But one of the coolest features of Door Watch is the ability to record every visitor – both audio and video – who comes to the door to an SD card. This a handy way to check who came to your door while you were out or away on holidays.

Users also have the choice of recording up to 10 minutes of footage through the front door camera if they see something or someone suspicious lurking about.

I was impressed by the easy operation of the product as well as the simple menu system to navigate the settings.

The Uniden Door Watch UWG 700 is a great product which offers convenience and hi-tech security for the home. It is excellent value at less than $300 and the ease of installation means anyone can set it up.

Uniden Door Watch UWG 700 wireless video intercom.

Price: $299.95

Four and half stars (out of five)