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Review: MRM iPad 360 Lift

stand1ipad stand

As many iPad users have already found, buying a stand for the device is not cheap. They can also be quite heavy and bulky.

That is until you take a look at the iPad 360 Lift by MRM. Available at Mr Mobile, the stand weighs just 118g and folds down flat to a product that’s only 15cm wide, 17cm long and about 1cm thick.

It can easily be packed inside a case if you’re travelling and the best thing is it’s only $39.95.

The iPad 360 Lift has eight adjustable viewing angles whether you want a slight inclination to make typing easier or nearly vertical to watch a movie.

The metal arm which determines the display angle snaps securely in place so the iPad is safe and sound whenever it is resting in place.

For travellers who pack their iPad as their personal entertainment system, the iPad 360 Lift is an ideal solution.

The iPad 360 Lift has eight adjustable positionsAnd despite being light and small, the iPad 360 Lift is still quite sturdy. It is made of high strength plastic which can provide the durability while keeping it surprisingly light.

With the iPad being just one of the many tablets coming onto the market the iPad 360 Lift can also suitable to hold these other devices.

The iPad 360 Lift by MRM is available now at Mr Mobile.

iPad 360 Lift

Price: $39.95

Four stars (out of five)

 The iPad 360 Lift weighs just 118g