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Review: Livescribe Echo Smartpen

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Livescribe’s Pulse Smartpen has an amazing ability and really demonstrates the power of the pen.

It can link what is being written to the audio being recorded at the same time – using the same device.

And if that wasn’t a nifty trick for you the device also makes it possible to skip to any part of the audio just by tapping the Pulse smartpen’s nib on the section of the notes written when it was recorded. 

It is ideal for students, business men and women, lawyers, doctors and anyone else who has to rely on handwritten notes.

The Echo Smartpen uses specially designed notebooks and pads which enable the device’s recording functionality. These pads and notebooks also feature control icons on the bottom of each page to start and end recordings just by tapping on them with the device.

No more forwarding and rewinding a recorder to find exactly what you need to hear.

This is Livescribes latest model which gives users a host of added enhancements designed to improve productivity and communication but which can also entertain and educate.

The Echo Smartpen from LivescribeEcho has a new ergonomic design with more of a tapered shape which makes it more comfortable to hold and that won’t roll off the desk.

The computer pen uses a built in camera above the nib and special paper to keep track of every word which written while the built-in mic take care of the audio.

One of the new features is Launch Line which allows users to open an application by simply writing its name above a line which is drawn and retraced on the page instead of scrolling through a menu on the device’s small screen.

Echo owners can also organise their notebooks, using the free Livewire Smartpen Desktop software, like they would playlists in iTunes.

It also offers more security with password protection to ensure the recorded audio remains for your ears only.

An amazing feature of the Echo Smartpen is the ability to create a Pencast – a file which can be played like a video showing the text or pictures being drawn and the audio playing at the same time.

Smartpen users can also send Pencasts as PDFs for anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3 to see and hear.

There is also an iPad and iPhone app which will allow users to access these Pencasts anywhere.

Livescribe already offers a range of it own apps which enables the smartpen to help translate another language and even play music.

If you take notes and need to refer to them then the Livescribe Echo Smartpen is an essential tool that proves the pen can be mightier than the sword.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Price: $249 (4GB), $299 (8GB)

Five stars (out of five)