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Review: Choiix Power Fort

powerfortthumbportable power

Power has become an important commodity to anyone who has a number of portable devices.

Lack of it can make a huge difference to our day, our business and, quite possibly, our lives.

That’s why a product like the Power Fort by Choiix can come in handy. It can charge mobiles, GPS, portable gaming devices and MP3 players. It can even recharge the iPad.


The Power Fort is light (it’s only 102g) and about the size of a deck of cards which means it is just as portable as the portable devices it can power up and slipping it in to your bag for your work day or your travels is easy.

It has two connections – a USB Out and USB In – which allow users to connect their device for charging as well as charging the Power Fort’s onboard battery.

Press the button on top of the device and a line of blue indicator lights instantly shows how much power is left on board.

Double tap that same button and it activates three surprisingly powerful lights on the front of the Power Fort and turns it to a handy torch.

One word of warning though, check the torch function isn’t accidentally activated inside your bag while you’re moving around.

We found this was the case when Tech Guide was toting the Power Fort around on a typically busy work day and we had to turn it off twice after it had come on in our bag.

The Power Fort from Choiix can recharge your devices a few times

But this was hardly a worry about draining the power out of the device – it was just a minor inconvenience.  It can hold enough charge to fully power your portable device. Not just once – but up to six times depending on the product.

A mobile/smartphone can be recharged up to three times, a Bluetooth headset six times, an MP3 player four times and portable gaming device twice.

The Power Fort utilises the USB cable which comes with the original product so there’s no need to buy extra cables.

In extreme cases like the quakes in Christchurch and Japan when power was cut off, a device like the Power Fort would mean your lines of communication would be able to stay active for much longer.

The Power Fort can charge a device which is connected to it as well as being able to bypass charge and charge through an AC adaptor.

The bypass charge allows the Power Fort to act like a bridge and enable direct USB charging via a computer.  The bypass feature also helps prevent damage through the charging-discharging process.

For the devices which cannot be charged directly using a PC’s USB connection, this can be a handy feature especially on your travels.

A USB charger for the Power Fort (sold separately) can also charge a portable product while the Power Fort itself is being charged.

The Power Fort can also decide when to pass through a charge through a power point to the device and when to charge simultaneously.

On the downside it can take between three or four hours to fully recharge the Power Fort but we just left the device to charge overnight so it was ready to go at the start of the next day.

If you are out and about and rely on your mobile devices to get you through your day, a Power Fort should be the first thing you slip in to your bag.

Power Fort

Price: $99

Four and half stars (out of five)