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Review: Choiix Comforter Lapdesk

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We use our laptops and portable devices in a lot of different, and sometimes unusual, places.

And often it’s not the most comfortable position we find ourselves in when we are away from our desks.

The Choiix Comforter Lapdesk provides a stable platform to use a laptop or tablet whether it’s on a couch, in bed or on the floor.  

The product is made out of lightweight plastic material and is padded on one side for extra comfort.

The comforter has a curved ergonomic shape so it can easily accommodate a laptop or tablet computer.

At the top is a groove which can act as a storage area for cables, power adaptors and to keep gadgets like a mobile phone or media player within reach.

The padded side provides a softer feel when being used on your lap and the heat from the laptop itself is also kept away from your body.

The Choiix Comorter Lapdesk can be used anywhereA plastic ridge holds the laptop in place in case you’re using the Lapdesk on a steeper angle.

But the Choiix Lapdesk Comforter is also reversible and when used with the padded side up the bottom of the groove acts as a wrist rest and the surface can be angled almost vertically.

So sitting on the couch, or even on the floor the Comforter Lapdesk can provide the stability that was missing before so you can concentrate more easily on what you’re doing.

But even if you are working at a desk the Comforter Lapdesk can still be used to place the computer or tablet at a more comfortable angle.

One down side is that the Choiix Comforter Lapdesk is quite bulky (45.8cm wide, 34.1cm long) which is OK for using around the house but it’s not practical to take with you on your travels.

It would be useful when sitting on a plane but its size will hardly make it easy to slip into your carry-on luggage.

The Choiix Comforter Lapdesk is ideal for use in the home or office when you want to spend time away from the desk or in front of the TV and want to take your computer with you.

Both sides of the Choiix Comforter Lapdesk can be used

And the ability to use either side of the product means no matter what position or location you choose, the Lapdesk will make sure you can still work in comfort.

Choiix Comforter Lapdesk

Price: $49.95

Four stars (out of five)

 The Choiix Comforter Lapdesk is available in black or white