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Pakman mail box can accept parcel deliveries for you

pakman4Who doesn’t love receiving parcels? But what happens if you’re not home? A new delivery box called Pakman can accept them on your behalf easily and securely.

If you’re doing most of your shopping on eBay, Amazon and the countless other online stores, you’re likely to receive a number of parcel deliveries.

But instead of directing them to your work address or asking the neighbours to keep an eye out for the delivery, the Pakman can look after things for you.

The Pakman stands at 90.9cm high, 40cm wide and 50cm deep and has a secure parcel chute and a delivery door with a combination lock.

The Pakman delivery box

Pakman also features the latest MyLocate tracking technology so users will receive an alert via SMS or email whenever a delivery is made.

This is made possible when the participating courier companies scan the barcode on the door to confirm delivery.

The Pakman’s owner can register the delivery box on the company’s website so it can become part of this growing delivery ecosystem.

The Pakman has a barcode on the door to alert which can send an SMS or email to owners when a delivery is made

If the courier needs access to the door for a larger delivery or have a fragile item, they can also find out the combination to the door’s lock when they scan the Pakman’s barcode.

Users can position their Pakman near their mailbox on the front fence or near their front door with the box able to be secured with cement or with bolts to the ground.

The parcel chute can accept most packages up to A3 size boxes from Australia Post and the door has room for the owner to attach their home’s street number.

Users register their Pakman on the company's website to make the box a part of the delivery ecosystem

Now when making purchases users can provide delivery instructions and, where necessary, provide the code for the combination lock for those larger deliveries.

The combination lock can easily be reset but this new combination will need to be updated on the Pakman’s registration page so couriers have the latest information every time they scan the door’s barcode.

The Pakman can accept up to A3 size Australia Post boxes and has a door for larger deliveries

The Pakman delivery box is available now in three colours – white, sand and charcoal – and is priced at $329 from Bunnings.