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New power suit embeds contactless payment chip in the sleeve


paymentsuitIn a new twist on wearable technology, Australian tailor M.J. Bale has created the first suit to incorporate a contactless payment chip fused in the sleeve.

The prototype M.J. Bale Power Suit means men will be able to pay for items in a bar, restaurant or store with a simple wave of their sleeve over the payment terminal.

The contactless technology, which is comprised of a chip and antenna, features Visa’s PayWave technology and is carefully embedded in the sleeve and linked to an account issued exclusively by Heritage Bank.

This means the wearer doesn’t have to get out their wallet, their credit card or even their smartphone to make an on-the-go payment and it has the same multiple layers of security as a regular contactless card.

Despite having this technology within the suit’s lining, it is still safe to dry clean.

The suit itself is tailored in super fine Australian Merino wool in a cut overseen by Japanese tailor Kenichi Kaneko.

‘The world’s most powerful men don’t carry a wallet. This suit allows you to join their ranks,” says Matt Jenson, CEO of M.J. Bale.

“M.J. Bale has always been a brand for stylish gentlemen, the prototype means the wearer doesn’t need to ruin the cut of their trousers or jacket with a bulky wallet.

“It allows individuals to be ahead of the technology game and look top notch.”

One of the M.J. Bale suits will be sold in the company’s Westfield Sydney CBD store with another being offered for auction on eBay with all proceeds going to children’s charity 4 ASD Kids which supports children with autism spectrum disorders.

You can place your bid here. The auctions ends on April 24.

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