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Mount an iPad in your car with the Wallee Headrest


Want to keep the kids entertained in the backseat with the iPad? A new product called the Wallee Headrest makes it easy to turn any car into a mini theatre.

The Wallee Headrest is made of anodized aluminium and clips to the stem of the front seat’s headrest.

Once it’s in place, the iPad attaches to the Wallee Headrest with a clip on the back of a specially-designed Wallee case.

The Wallee Headrest can be swung out into a central position so all the backseat passengers can easily view the iPad’s screen.

The iPad can also be viewed in landscape or portrait mode depending on whether you’re watching a movie or playing a game.

The Wallee Headrest is just one part of the Wallee system of modular accessories which can attach your iPad to suit your situation and your needs.

The Wallee Headrest clips to any car's headrest and positions the iPad for passengers in the backseat

These include a Wall Mount, Kick and Pivot desk mounts and the Hand Strap.

All of these mounts attach to the x-shaped clip on the back of the Wallee case.

The Wallee Headrest

The Wallee Headrest is available now and priced at $39.95 with free shipping from the Wallee website.

The Wallee case for the original iPad or the iPad 2 is priced at $39.95 and allows your device to attached to the whole range of Wallee accessories.

The Wallee iPad Case with the x-shaped clip that will mount the device to Wallee's range of accessories

The Wall Mount costs $10 while the Hand Strap is $19.95. The Kick ($24.95) and Pivot ($59.95) are also available.

The Wallee Wall Mount

The Wallee Hand Strap

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