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Magnetic Wallee M smartphone mount unveiled


walleemthumbStudioProper – the Australian company behind the Wallee iPad mount cases and clips – has revealed the latest solution for the iPhone 4/4S and the Galaxy Nexus.

The design for the new Wallee M still incorporates a case that connects with a mount but this time out that connection is made with neodymium magnets.

And for this latest the product, the company will be using crowdfunding website Kickstarter to allow customers to pre-order various packs starting at just $40 for which you’ll receive a case and mounting disc.

Once the pledged amount exceeds $35,000, the company will go ahead and create their first shipment to deliver for those who pre-ordered the product.

The Wallee M cases for the iPhone 4/4S and the Galaxy Nexus will connect not only to a wall mounted disc but to other things like suction car mounts and desktop pivot stands.

The Wallee M case is available for iPhone 4/4S and Galaxy Nexus and attaches to the mounts with neodymium magnets

This new magnetic Wallee system means the iPhone or Nexus can be used in a variety of situations and rooms including in the car and in any room wherever you need to have your phone handy.

The Wallee M case and the mounting disc

For a $50 pledge customers receive either an iPhone or Nexus case and three mounting discs.

Move up to $65 and receive a case, a mounting disc and magnetic pivot stand.

The Wallee M magnetic desk pivot stand

For $70 – a case, a magnetic mounting disc and a suction car mount.

At $80 the package includes two cases and two mounting discs.

The Wallee M magnetic suction mount can be used in the car

The Wallee M megnetic suction mount

And for one of everything – a case, a mounting disc, pivot stand and a car mount – customers can pledge up to $105.

All of these prizes include international shipping with an expected delivery in July.

For more details head to StudioProper’s page on Kickstarter.

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