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iLaunch Thunder can fire missiles with your iPhone

ilaunchthumbapp accessory

Thinking of buying a quirky gadget gift for your loved one? Then look no further than the iLaunch Thunder.

The desktop launcher can fire foam missiles at your co-workers and it can all be controlled using a dedicated app for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Control from the device even extends to not just firing the missiles but also rotating and tilting the launcher.  

The launcher “appcessory” from Dream Cheeky will allow users to declare office warfare and defend their workspace from nosey intruders.

And the speed, force and accuracy of the missiles will pleasantly surprise users.

Launch office warfare with DreamCheeky's iLaunch Thunder

And it’s all harmless fun because the missiles, while they cover some distance, are made of foam and will hot harm anyone or cause any damage.

The Dream Cheekly iLaunch Thunder is available for $129.95 from Mac Centre in Surry Hills in Sydney.

The fun device can also be ordered from the Mac Centre website –

Dream Cheeky will release a whole range of new Appcessories in the first half of 2012.

The iLaunch Thunder cam be controlled using a dedicated app for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Additional iLaunch Thunder missiles are also available for $8 for an extra four missiles.

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