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Enjoy high-quality meetings with AnkerWork’s all-in-one B600 Video Conferencing Bar

Video meetings are here to stay and the good news is you can achieve a high-quality connection with the AnkerWork B600 Video Conferencing Bar that combines a 2K camera, a four-mic array, dual speakers and a smart LED light bar.

It has everything you need to achieve a high-quality video meeting for those users working from home or in a hybrid arrangement.

The product is an all-in-one solution which can provide impressive video quality, good audio and even eliminate background sounds so you can focus on your meeting.

Also onboard is the smart LED light bar with brightness and colour temperature adjustment so you can be clearly seen.

The camera has autofocus as well as a field of view adjustment which gives users the choice between 65 degrees, 78 degrees, 95 degrees or the Solo Frame which can centre the user in the image even if they move around.

The AnkerWork companion software puts all these settings at your fingertips including image settings like brightness, sharpness, saturation and contrast ratio.

The MagicSight intelligent lighting technology aboard the B600 can also optimise the lighting conditions in your home office.

The unit can analyse facial lighting through the camera and calculate what’s needed to achieve a perfect image.

The lighting panel can also be used on its own to illuminate your workspace and be used as a reading light.

And the integrated light panel offers extra privacy because when it’s closed, the panel acts as a privacy shield by covering the camera.

On the audio side, the device features VoiceRadar which is an intelligent technology using four microphones to detect and isolate the user’s voice from different directions.

It also incorporates directional beamforming technology which means you can be heard quite clearly even when in a noisy environment.

It also has 2 x 2W audio output so you can hear your meeting quite clearly.

Tech Guide editor on Zoom using the AnkerWork B600

The device itself rests securely on top of your monitor with a stand that can easily be adjusted to provide the right angle.

The unit connects via USB-C to your computer – PC or Mac – and, of course, can be used with other video conferencing apps including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Webex and many more.

The AnkerWork B600 Video Conferencing Bar is an excellent all-in-one solution for users who want to be able to conduct high quality video conferences from anywhere.

The device is available now and is priced at $499.95.