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Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 710 review – impressive smart robot vacuum at a great price


The DEEBOT 710 is packed with smart features and provides a thorough clean for your carpets and hard floors and, at $499, it represents incredible value.

The Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 710 proves that you don’t need to spend big money for a smart robot vacuum that offers an impressive cleaning solution for your home.

The DEEBOT 710 utilises the company’s latest Smart Navi 2.0 Mapping technology so it can create a virtual map of your home to plan its cleaning path.

But probably one of the best features is the price.

At just $499, the DEEBOT 710 offers tremendous bang for your buck.

The circular robot uses a vision camera located on top of the unit to find its way around your home and create a pattern so it won’t go over the same areas unnecessarily.

Also on board are sensors which helps the DEEBOT 710 navigate around furniture and other objects and also makes it smart enough to avoid stairs and prevented from falling.

On the base is the main brush with rotating brushes on either side to sweep the dust into the vacuum cleaner.

The robot is 32cm wide with sensors and bumpers on all sides so it won’t scratch and mark furniture as it’s going about its cleaning path.

The device is really easy to set up. It actually talks to you through every step of the process as well.

Even in use, the DEEBOT 710 acknowledges your commands with a voice response.

The first thing you need to do is download the Ecovacs Home app to link the device to your home network so it can be controlled through the app on your smartphone.

The next step is to position the charging dock in a space with plenty of clearance close to a power point.

The charger needs about half a metre of space on either side and about 1.5 m of space in front of it to give the DEEBOT 710 room to move when it starts the cleaning cycle and when it returns to recharge.

When the robot is completely charged you’re ready to deploy it.

This can be done with the included remote control or via the app.

Users can choose one of three cleaning modes.

Auto is when it programs a path to clean your entire house and, in doing so, creates a map of your floorplan.

If it’s just the edges that you want to look after there is a mode for that as well.

And if you have a spill in a certain area of your house the DEEBOT 710 can also do a spot clean in a specific area of your choosing.

As the DEEBOT 710 goes about its cleaning it will navigate around the furniture and even go under tables and chairs if it can fit through. If not it will just move around it.

Also on board is a high efficiency filter which anyone with allergies and asthma will appreciate because it reduces airborne triggers.

We live in a home with chocolate coloured carpet and large areas of tiles where two dalmatians are free to roam and leave behind short white and black hairs.

The DEEBOT 710 did a surprisingly good job picking up most of the hair off the carpet as well as sweeping up our tiled floors as well.

And that’s all thanks to suction that is twice as good as previous models to offer an even deeper clean.

But the DEEBOT 710 also has a new Max Mode which can be used to clean up problem areas and messes on carpet and on hard surfaces by increasing the suction in those spots by up to two times.

And it’s easy to empty the dustbin. You simply click it open and pull it out of the back of the DEEBOT 710 and empty it in your rubbish bin.

The app also provides information about the usage of the side brush, the main brush in the filter with estimates on how much time each can be used before they need replacing.

Of course, this is also a smart device and the companion app gives you complete control.

Users can receive updates as well as monitor the robot’s cleaning process from anywhere on their smartphone.

The app also makes it possible to set a cleaning schedule for a set time each day, for example.

This is where you can also choose between the various cleaning modes or activate it on the spot.

But a feature we loved was the surprisingly accurate visual map the DEEBOT 710 created when it went about its cleaning.

This provides an excellent visual representation of just how far and wide the DEEBOT 710 has roamed on its cleaning path.

Our only criticism with the app is that it could have been slightly more intuitive on the home screen which shows a picture of the DEEBOT 710.

It took a little bit of clicking around in the top corners to access the cleaning modes before we realised all we have to do was tap the photo itself.

Users can control the DEEBOT 710 with their voice.

It’s compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo smart devices.

So instead of using the app you might say “Hey Google, ask DEEBOT to start cleaning” or “Alexa, ask DEEBOT to start cleaning”.

It has a 2,600mAh lithium battery on board which equates to about two hours of cleaning time.

But don’t worry, when the battery is running low the DEEBOT 710 is smart enough to return to the charging dock to power up again.

The Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 710 provides a surprisingly good clean for your carpets and hard floors.

And the advantage the DEEBOT 710 is the fact that you don’t have to do anything.

It takes care of the cleaning for you so you can get on with other things.

The DEEBOT 710 can certainly hold its own against other robot cleaners and at just $499 – it certainly punches way above its weight.

The Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 710 is priced at $499 and is available from the official eBay page and Amazon.


The DEEBOT 710 is packed with smart features and provides a thorough clean for your carpets and hard floors and, at $499, it represents incredible value.