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Cygnett’s iPod nano and iPad Mini protection for work and play


cygnettaction4If you’re a person of action and like to take your devices with you then a protective case is a must and Cygnett’s latest range fits the bill perfectly.

Cygnett’s new products work with two of Apple’s latest products – the iPod Nano seventh generation and the iPad Mini.

They provide protection for users who want to use these products while they’re exercising, out of the home or office or on a work site.


The Action Nano Case is a sturdy soft-feel silicone case which easily snaps on to the iPod Nano and has an opening on the back to allow the included snap-on wristband to pass through.

The band is large enough to wear on your upper arm or on your wrist like a watch.

The Cygnett Action Nano Case

While inside the case, the iPod Nano’s screen and controls are all still easily accessible so users can enjoy full functionality while on the move.

And when you’re done, it’s easy to remove the band and just use the case to protect the iPod Nano from bumps and scratches.

The Cygnett Workmate case for iPad Mini


The iPad Mini Workmate case can protect the device whether you’re browsing the web in your backyard or sending an email on a building site.

If you happen to drop the device in either of these situations then you risk scratching it and possibly even cracking the screen.

But, with the iPad Mini nestled inside Cygnett’s shock-absorbing Workmate case, the risk of serious damage is virtually eliminated.

The way the Workmate case was built with dual material makes it shock absorbing but without added bulk or weight.

The Cygnett iPad Mini Workmate is available in two colours – Slate Grey and Red.

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