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Control Griffin’s Helo RC with your iPhone

helothumbremote chopper

Griffin has introduced a small remote control helicopter which can be controlled with a free iPhone app.

The twin-rotor Helo TC is already a huge hit with Griffin posting the “sold out” sign on its website as it awaits another shipment.

The free Helo TC app puts a virtual joystick at your fingertips and allows pilots to access features like left or right handed flying and auto landings.  

Pilots can choose two flight modes with their iPhone – touchscreen control using the device’s multi-touch screen or tilt to steer which uses the built-in accelerometer.

It will also work with the iPad and the iPod Touch.

Control the Griffin Helo RC with your iPhone

It’s also possible to create up to three flight plans. This means pilots can record and store three flights and then replay them later.

The Helo TC comes with a Flight deck – the battery powered charger which also has a clip to hold the iPhone.

There’s also a cable to plug into the iPhone’s headphone jack to enable infra-red commands to be sent the helicopter.

And if you get together with your friends who have also bought a Griffin Helo RC there’s the ability to set three different channels so they can  all fly at the same time.

The Griffin Helo RC has twin rotors and can be controlled with an iPhone

Griffin has created a great short film to showcase the Helo RC which we have embedded in our story above.

The Helo RC is priced at $US49.95 and available to order through the Griffin website.

The Helo RC Flight deck can charge the Helo RC and also has a clip to hold your iPhone

At this time it is unknown when it will be available to buy in Australian stores.