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Cable Box can organise and hide all your cable clutter

cableboxthumbCables are an unavoidable part of technology and organising these cables can be difficult but 4Cabling has come up with a new management solution.

Cable Box can hide six and eight-way powerboards along with the associated tangle of cables that look untidy near your desk or entertainment unit.

The Cable Box contains the power board and has an opening to feed in all the cables from one side. The lid then encloses the power board to keep the clutter out of sight.

4Cabling managing director Nicole Kersh says organising your cables can even preserve your mental health.

“There’s little worse than doing your best to maintain a clean, organised office space and having it ruined by cable clutter,” Ms Kersh said.

“At 4Cabling, we love cables, but we don’t necessarily think they should be part of your home or office decorating plan.

Cable Box from 4Cabling can hide away the clutter

“The Cable Box really looks great and keeps your workspace tidy, which studies have shown actually improves concentration and relaxes the mind.

“The cable box is more than a box, it’s a sanity saver.”

4Cabling has a number of solutions for simple, effective and stylish cable management.

4Cabling’s Ms Kersh said it was staggering that a solution as simple as Cable Box had been overlooked for so long.

Cable Box has openings to feed in the cables and a lid to hide it all away

“We are proud to be leading the charge towards a healthier and more organised office environment with our range of non-invasive, versatile and uncomplicated products like the cable box,” she said.

Cable Box is available now in black or white and in two sizes – mini and large.

They are priced at $27.45 (mini) and $32.95 (large).

4Cabling also has numerous other solutions which can organise your cables including clamps, straps, floor coverings, rails and trays.

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