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Are you Australia’s top bopper? Find out with BopIt XT

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Do you have what it takes to become Australia’s top bopper? And no we’re not talking about a dance contest but an addictive new game.

BopIt XT is a tech toy that makes you think on your feet and test your reflexes to build up the highest score you can.

The device issues six commands – twist, flick, bop, spin, pull and shake – and and if you’re too slow you’re out. Think you can do that? The Aussie record is 5735! 

BopIt XT is a white Z-shaped device with coloured handles on each corner and large Bop It button in the middle.

Each of the colour handles correspond to a different command whether it says to “flick it” , “twist it” , “spin it” , “pull it” and so on.

The more you can get through without slipping up – the higher the score.

Apart from single player mode there’s also multiplayer where the BopIt XT is passed to other players continue to follow the commands and keep the flow of the game going.

There’s a headphone jack on the BopIt XT as well so single players can practice quietly.

The BopIt XT is available now for $39.95

 The addictive tech toy BopIt XT - have fun challenges your reflexes