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Review: Samsung MV800 digital camera

samsungmv800thumbdigital camera

Stand-alone digital cameras have been doing it tough lately especially with all the smartphones that are trying to put them out of business.

To stand out in today’s market, a digital camera has to have standout features as well as a few little extras under the hood. The Samsung MV800 ticks these boxes.

The 16.1 megapixel camera might look like normal but it has a flip-out 3-inch screen, a smartphone-like user interface and some fun photo editing features.  


At first glance the Samsung MV800 looks like most other digital cameras but one look at the rear of the device reveals a 3-inch LCD touchscreen. But not just any old 3-inch screen.

This screen has a hinge along the top edge which means it can be folded up at an angle and all the way up so the lens and the screen can be viewed at the same time.

The advantage of this is the fact that now you don’t need to ask a stranger to take a photo of you when you’re in front of a landmark or with your best friend.

The Samsung MV800 has a number of features to make it stand out from the pack

There’s even a shutter button on the back which is within easy reach when the screen is fully extended and you want to take a picture.

Apart from self shots, the adjustable screen can also be positioned a various angle for high and low angle shots.

The screen can also be used a stand to take shots and view the images you’ve already taken.

Samsung’s MV800 has a Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan 26mm lens with 5x optical zoom.

The device itself is quite compact even with the fold out screen. It is only 92mm long, 56.2mm long and 18.1mm thick.

There are HDMI Out and mini USB connections on the side of the device while all your images are stored on a microSD card.

The Samsung MV800 has a flip out LCD touchscreen which can be positioned at a number of angles


The Samsung MV800 stands up well against other compact cameras in its class in terms of picture quality.

Images we captured had a real warmth with accurate colour reproduction, realistic skin tones and impressive brightness.

On the video front the device can capture 720p HD video at 30 or 15 frames per second.

Under the hood there are number of quirky add-ons.

The menu can be accessed and navigated just like the screen of your smartphone. There are a number of app-filled screens which users can browse using their finger as the stylus.

One of the included fun frames to decorate your images with the Samsung MV800

And like a smartphone, users can also change their screen’s wallpaper.

There are several shot modes including beauty shot, which uses the on board processor to iron out imperfections, and picture in picture which lets you combine two shots in one.

Users can even choose a scene to match the conditions. For example, there are scene choices to optimise pictures taken at sunset, at dawn, at the beach and with a backlight.

Another Samsung MV800 frame

Panorama mode lets you capture a series of pictures in a sweep which is ideal for capturing widescreen landscape shots.

It’s also possible to capture a 3D image which can be viewed back through a compatible 3D TV.

And one more....

Magic Frame lets you add a bit of fun to your pictures with a number of novelty pictures frames which can be takes and viewed right there on the device.

Funny Face will also add some fun to your photos. When the SV800 detects a face it can elongate or shrink parts of your face to create some pretty funny results.

There were a couple of features we didn’t like. The LCD touchscreen wasn’t quite as responsive as the one on our smartphone but we still managed to navigate the features.

The decision to include a microSD card instead of a regular SD card was a strange one especially with so many computers with built in SD card slots. To transfer our pictures from the microSD card slot required an extra microSD card reader.


The Samsung MV800 is a feature packed digital camera that takes impressive pictures and video and, with the flipout touchscreen LCD display, pictures modes and fun image editing , has the flexibility to stand out in the compact crowd.

And there are enough extras that won’t be found on your smartphone to make MV800 appeal to users who want to have fun with their pictures and share the results with their friends.

Samsung MV800

Price: $299

Four stars (out of five)

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