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Kogan releases Zuckerberg Selfie Stick to get those self portraits right


selfiestick1Kogan has released the Zuckerberg Selfie Stick – a device that can help users shoot and share pictures of themselves to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Company CEO Ruslan Kogan has even sent one to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who the device was named after.

Kogan also penned an open letter congratulating Zuckerberg on the success of Facebook and the way it has become a platform that turned “Selfie” into a phenomenon.

Kogan was able to confirm delivery of the Zuckerberg Selfie Stick to the Facebook offices in Menlo Park, California.

In the open letter they have asked for Zuckerberg to take a selfie using the stick named after him and to post it on Facebook for all to see.

The Zuckerberg Selfie Stick from Kogan

If he fails to do that, Kogan jokingly says he will be renaming the product the Kardashian Selfie Stick.

The Zuckerberg Selfie Stick, priced at $19, has a lightweight stainless steel arm that extends up to 95cm with a ball-head and clip that screws into the tripod thread on the bottom of a digital camera.

And when you’re not using the Zuckerberg Selfie Stick it folds down to just 22cm in length to easily slip into a bag.

Kogan Zuckerberg Selfie Stick is priced at just $19

Taking selfies with a smartphone is a little easier because users can line themselves up on the large display whenever they use the front-facing camera.

But it’s a different story with a digital camera where it’s more of a hit or miss affair.

So Kogan has included a small mirror that will give users a view of the rear LCD screen to ensure they have lined up their picture correctly.

Part of Kogan's open letter to Mark Zuckerberg

No more cut off heads and misaligned pictures and several attempts before you get the picture right.

The Selfie Stick will also work with Go Pro camera with tripod mounts and also smartphones with cases or holders that incorporates a tripod thread.

The Zuckerberg Selfie Stick is priced at $19 and is available now. You can order it right here.

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