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Samsung unveils the SUR40 – a new breed of table computer

sur40tableSamsung has partnered with Microsoft to unveil a new form of digital interaction with the SUR40 table-top computer.

The device, which includes Microsoft’s impressive PixelSense technology, is aimed at businesses and retailers and offers new and innovative ways to collaborate and engage customers, patients and clients.

The SUR40 has a 40-inch full high definition display which is receptive to up to 50 touch contacts on the screen at the same time which means several people can use the device at the same time.

This is perfect for users like travel agents, doctor surgeries, hotel lobbies, museums among many, many more.

SUR40 is like an overgrown tablet but with a lot more computing power, highly accurate touch interaction and the ability to recognises objects and “grab” digital information.

The Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense technology can be used in a variety of situations and locations

And being a table, the product is designed to be surrounded by users with each having a clear view of the screen and the content.

At a recent launch event, Samsung had several SUR40 tables set up in various user scenarios.

Hotel Lobby/Tourist Information Centre

The SUR40 is ideal for areas where users need to access information about their surroundings.

In the hotel lobby scenario, the SUR40 allows users to check out the local attractions and a map of the surrounding areas.

The maps and information can be moved and navigated by touch with several users able to interact with the device at the same time.

And any information can be transferred to your smartphone simply by scanning the QR code that appears on the SUR40.

Travel Agent

Rather than bombard the customers with bundles of brochures, the SUR40 can be used to present the holiday options.

Agents can drill down from a menu of countries to find option, reviews and videos of the choices available.

Some agents can even use small figures to represent men, women and children on the screen which will affect the information presented on the screen.

Having the child figure on the screen, for example, alters the data on the screen to include kid-friendly activities and attractions.

Photo Kiosk

Harvey Norman is about roll out 40 SUR40 machines Australia wide to make it easier for customers to sort their photos and create picture books.

Users simply insert their memory cards or wirelessly stream their images from a smartphone or tablet before choosing layouts, page colours and fonts to create a personalised book.

These can be easily arranged, cropped and enlarged using the SUR40’s touch screen interface before being submitted to be printed.

Museum/Art Gallery

The SUR40 is an interactive tool for museums and galleries which can also act as a guide, a map and information source.

Users can not only view a layout of the venue but also play interactive games which help visitors learn more about the exhibition before downloading things like achievement certificates and information to their smartphones.

Doctor’s Surgery

Interacting with patients and showing them information is a lot easier with the SUR40.

Sitting on either side of the device gives both the doctor and patient an easy view of scans, x-rays and other reports which can be enlarged and arranged on the screen to explain a procedure, a diagnosis or a course of treatment.


Imagine being able to walk through your new house before it’s even built.

With the SUR40 that’s possible and users can even change the look of their place right down to the colour of the walls and the style of the doorknobs.

And with the touch screen interface, it’s possible to see the inside and outside of the development from every angle.

For business customers there are several companies which can build custom apps for the SUR40 to suit their business or practice.

The Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense technology is not a consumer product but there would nothing to stop anyone buying one for their home to use an interactive touchscreen PC/tablet – if they can afford it.

The SUR40 is priced at $12.975 and is available now.

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