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Review: WD My Book Studio Edition II

wdthumb6TB HArd drive

Today storage on our computers is like money – you can never have too much.

Which is why an external hard drive offers a number of advantages including providing extra memory capacity as well as acting as a back-up to all of our important digital files, documents and media.

The new WD My Book Studio Edition II has a massive 6TB – that’s 6000 GB – and is optimised for Mac users and creative professionals.  

The device has 33 per cent more storage than the previous model yet maintains the same sized footprint.

It is 9.8cm wide, 16.6cm tall and 15.4mm deep and offers a dual drive storage system.

The My Book Studio Edition II can be connected using Firewire or USB. It can also be linked using a faster eSATA connection but this can only be found on a PC and is not standard on a Mac.

For simple storage on a Mac the device works straight out of the box because it has already been formatted. PC users running Windows Vista or Windows 7 will have to perform a quick format.

The device has a default RAID (redundant array of independent disks) 0 setting which means it saves just one version of data on the device.

The WD My Book Studio Edition II is user serviceable so the internal hard drives can be swapped outBut advanced users who want to back up their back ups can do it with the My Book Studio Edition II because it actually contains two separate 3GB hard disk drives.

So when used in the RAID 1 format, also known as disk mirroring, it can save the same data to each of the two drives.

For our testing we connected the WD My Book Studio Edition II to a 27-inch iMac using a Firewire 800 connection. This moves data on and off the drive at 800 Mb/s.

Large full HD video files were transferred in seconds. We copied a 1.4GB full from the iMac to the My Book Studio Edition in less than 30 seconds.

This is useful for creative professionals who may have shot hours of full HD video out in the field or taken thousands of high resolution pictures and wants to store them on the external drive.

Mac users can also easily set the drive as the Time Machine back up which is part of the OS X operating system.

But the My Book Studio Edition II also comes with its own automatic back up  software which can also be utilised by PC users.

The front panel of the product has a capacity gauge on the front of the product to indicate roughly how much storage space is left.

The My Book Studio Edition II is also user serviceable which means the drives can be upgraded through the top panel which can be opened and closed without even using a screwdriver.

We were very impressed by the whisper quiet operation of the product. Even when it was performing the initial Time Machine back up of our iMac’s 1TB internal hard drive it hardly made a sound.

It is also more efficient on the power side as well with the device using 30 per cent less energy. This cooler operation also contributes to the quiet running of the My Book Studio Edition II because it means it doesn’t even need a cooling fan.

The WD My Book Studio Edition II is designed for Mac users and creative professionals

Included with the hard drive are Firewire cables and a USB cable but for those opting for the eSATA connection have to shell out for their own cable.

Storage is going to become an even important thing to have especially with all the high quality digital content were creating and collecting including movies, pictures and music.

With 6TB at your disposal with the WD My Book Studio II can store up to 461 hours of video, two million songs or more than 1.2 million photos.

For those who want the extra storage and peace of mind knowing their data is protected should give the WD My Book Studio Edition II strong consideration.

WD My Book Studio Edition II

Price: $719

Four stars (out of five)