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Review: Optus My Tab touchscreen tablet

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2011 is shaping up to be the year of the tablet and if you want to jump in without breaking the bank, the Optus My Tab is a good place to start.

The device has a 7-inch screen and runs the Android 2.1 operating system which many of you may have already seen on recently released smartphones.

It offers 3G connectivity which means it can make and receive calls and texts. It’s basically an overgrown mobile phone.  

 The 3G connection can also be used to access the internet outside of wi-fi zones.



Built by ZTE for Optus, My Tab’s 7-inch screen is quite responsive for a product at this price range so scrolling web pages, menus and lists of applications is fairly smooth.

It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels that, while not near the quality of the iPad or the similarly sized $999 Samsung Galaxy Tab, was still reasonable.

I found the screen quite reflective though, so viewing the My Tab in direct sunlight made it hard to read. Even indoors under bright lights the device had to be positioned at an angle to avoid the glare.

With Android on board users can surf the web, download apps and make use of pre-loaded apps like Facebook, Twitter, eBay. MySpace and Docs to Go which makes it possible to view Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs files.

The Optus My Tab

One thing the My Tab lacks is multi-touch so pinching to zoom on the screen like you would on the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab is not possible. Instead there are controls on the bottom right of the screen to zoom in and out on web pages.

It also has an accelerometer which means the My Tab can adjust to landscape or portrait mode depending on how you hold the screen – except at the home screen where the display is locked in landscape mode. It’s a minor fault but annoying when closing an app which was being viewed in portrait mode.

There’s also a built in 3-megapixel camera on board but it doesn’t have a flash. It can also shoot video.

Being the size of a thin paperback novel, the My Tab is easy to take with you anywhere. And it’s only 400g so it’s not going to weigh you down either.

The Optus My Tab is no iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab but is also only a fraction of the price. Pound for pound it holds its own.

My Tab offers an enjoyable tablet experience for entry-level users who want to explore the touchscreen options.

Optus My Tab

Price: $279

Three and a half Stars stars (out of Five)