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Review: Netcomm NP206 Wireless Powerline Kit

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There are so many connected entertainment devices in our homes these days including smart TVs, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes.

But where these products are located in our home are not always close to our routers or broadband connection.

That’s where the Netcomm’s NP206 Wireless Powerline Kit comes in – it can relay your broadband connection from your modem through your home’s powerline.  

There are two parts to the NP206 – one device which connects to the modem or router and the other which connects in the part of your home or office where you want to access the connection.

Even if you live in a home with brick walls and multi stories you can still extend your network wherever you like.

Usually there are power points in every room so there’s no limit to the areas of the home where this can be utilised.

The Netcomm NP206 Wireless Powerline Kit

Let’s start with the Powerline Adaptor closest to your modem/router.

There’s a power plug on the back of the device as well as a power point pass-through on the front to plug in another device so you’re not losing a power point on the wall or on your power board.

Next thing to do is to plug the supplied Ethernet cable into the port on the side of the Netcomm adaptor and then into an empty slot on the modem/router.

Now take the other Netcomm Powerline Adaptor to the area where you’d like to connect your products.

Again the device just fits in the wall socket – best results are achieved with a direct connection on the wall rather than through a power board – and connect up to two devices with a cable.

That’s it . It’s literally plug and play. You don’t need to configure anything on your computer or install any software.

But what about if you wanted to connect more than two devices?

How the Netcomm NP206 Wireless Powerline Kit worksThe good news is this adaptor can also take your broadband connection through the powerline and create its own wireless network.

Now users not only have a wired connection but they can also extend their connection wirelessly in another part of their home or office as well.

The LED indicators on the front of each adaptor indicate they are powered on, whether a device is physically connected and if the adaptors have connected to each other.

The Netcomm Powerline Adaptor shows up with its own SSID when you scan for available wireless networks on your devices.

In terms of speeds the powerline data rates can get up to 200Mbps and wirelessly up to 300Mbps.

Our only complaint was the Netcomm Powerline Adaptors are a little bulky and it might not connect flush into the power point if you are using the socket beside it with an equally bulky power adaptor or large plug.

We had a normal plug in the neighbouring plug so the Netcomm Powerline Adaptor connected without a problem.

The Netcomm NP206 Wireless Powerline Adaptor is an excellent and easy solution to extend the reach of your broadband connection anywhere in your home or office.

Netcomm NP206 Wireless Powerline Adaptor

Price:  $199

Four and a half stars (out of five)