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Mobee can keep your wireless Apple products powered up


mobeemagicfeet2Apple’s Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and wireless keyboard free your desktop from cables but can chew through batteries which is where Mobee comes in.

Mobee has produced a number of products that work with Apple’s wireless products and save you hundreds of dollars on batteries.

The Mobee products include Magic Charger, Magic Bar, Magic Feet, Power Bar and the Magic Numpad.

The Mobee Magic Charger has a rechargeable battery pack and an inductive charging plate to keep the Magic Mouse powered


Mobee’s Magic Charger works with Apple’s Magic Mouse and replaces the AA batteries on board with an inductive rechargeable battery pack.

Once the Mobee’s batteries are inserted, the device can be charged simply by resting the Magic Mouse on the included inductive charging plate that draws its power from one of the computer’s USB ports.

A full charge takes between five and six hours and will last up to six days before needing a recharge.

The Mobee Power Bar can keep the Magic Trackpad powered with a rechargeable battery pack


The Power Bar replaces the two AA batteries with a powered rod that is charged via a USB port on your Mac.

Once a full charge is reached, users can detach the USB cable and enjoy true wireless use.

But, once you need a charge again you can still use the Trackpad while the USB cable is reconnected for the recharge.

The Mobee Magic Bar can save you money on disposable AA batteries


Users can replace the Apple wireless keyboard’s AA batteries with the Mobee rechargeable battery pack.

Also included is an inductive charging station which can recharge the wireless keyboard and/or Apple’s Magic Trackpad on contact when it is inserted into the dock.

And it’s still possible to use the keyboard and trackpad while it is charging. A full charge, which takes about six hours to complete, can last up to 10 days.

The Mobee Numpad transforms the Magic Trackpad into a numerical keypad


Who says Apple’s Magic Trackpad can only be used as a trackpad? Not Mobee and the Magic Numpad proves it.

With the addition of a Numpad film and some software the Trackpad can be transformed into number keypad and navigation controls.

There are three number layouts which have their own film, incuding one that lets you program your own keys, that can be easily applied and later removed from the Trackpad’s surface.

Mobee's Magic Feet can keep all of your Apple wireless devices charged


Mobee’s Magic Feet is a combination of all of the charging products that can power the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and wireless keyboard.

The dock has inductive charging areas for the Magic mouse on the top of the device while the front rail can fit either the wireless keyboard or the Magic Trackpad.

The Magic Mouse rechargeable battery pack and Magic Bar to power the Trackpad or wireless keyboard are also included with the Mobee Magic Feet.

And the best part is all of the wireless devices can still be used even while they are being charged.

Mobee products* can be purchased from Next Byte ; MacOne ; CompNow ; Street Wise and these other stores:

* Not all stores carry every product.

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