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Microsoft launches OneDrive cloud storage solution worldwide

onedrive2Microsoft has launched OneDrive worldwide to give users a free online storage solution that can be accessed from any computer, mobile device or Xbox.

OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, has a number of new features including improved video sharing and has updated apps for Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Xbox.

There are also desktops OneDrive apps available for Windows and Mac users.

Subscribers can sign up and receive 7GB of storage for free and use it to store and share photographs, videos and documents in the cloud rather than taking up valuable space on mobile devices and computers.

There are options to buy larger storage capacities in 50GB, 100GB and 200GB increments.

And users can receive up to an additional 5GB of storage – in 500MB increments – for each friend who accepts an invitation to join OneDrive.

There’s an additional 3GB of free storage available to users who utilise the camera back-up feature so images taken on Android devices can be automatically stored in OneDrive.

Having OneDrive as an online storage solution also makes it easier to back up your valuable content off your device as well.

OneDrive online storage is available to access across all of your devices

“With OneDrive, Australians now have an easy way to store and share their favourite photos, videos, documents and files,” said Melissa Dewick, Product Manager, Apps & Services, Microsoft Australia.

“People are carrying around a broader range of devices, and it’s more important than ever to back up content to the cloud. OneDrive allows consumers to take that step and have their content with them at all times.”

To celebrate the launch of OneDrive, Microsoft is offering 100,000 new subscribers the chance to win an additional 100GB for free for a year.

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