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Jabra Speak 750 speakerphone review – crystal clear audio for calls and video meetings


There has never been a better time to have clear communication and the Jabra Speak 750 delivers pro-level quality to your calls and conferences so you can hear and be heard loud and clear.

At lot of us are working and communicating from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and we need to connect in high quality. One way is with the Jabra Speak 750 – a professional full duplex Bluetooth audio system that offers crystal clear calls.

The circular device connects to a PC, laptop or smartphone via Bluetooth and offers a clear and crisp audio channel whether it’s a phone call or a video conference.

It’s really easy to set up so you’re up and running in minutes. Recent research has shown 10 per cent of an average meeting is wasted on technical difficulties.

This is the latest addition to the popular Jabra Speak range and has been optimised to offer premium audio even when used in a room with a number of people.

With full duplex, this means users can speak and also hear at the same time like a real conversation.

If you are gathered together in a meeting room with your colleagues or at home it elevates the experience to a new level of quality.

We have been using the Jabra Speak 750 paired to our smartphone and MacBook Pro as the handsfree device for making and receiving our calls, online meetings and video briefings.

The audio is so clear, we were even able do a couple of radio segments using the Jabra Speak 750 as well as all of the many calls we made and received and not once were we asked if we were on a speakerphone.

It’s not hard to tell when someone is using the speaker function of their smartphone – they tend to sound distant and hollow.

But that wasn’t the case with the Jabra Speak 750.

Callers came through loud and clear and the quality our callers were hearing from our end was also excellent.

We had to ask a few callers how we sounded and explained we were reviewing the Jabra Speak 750.

This quality comes through courtesy of the onboard DSP (digital signal processing) so there is no echo or distortion.

You’ve also got a hi-fi grade speaker so you’re hearing voices, music and multimedia audio in outstanding quality.

And they all concluded the same thing – we sounded great with some also asking for the product’s name to check it out for themselves.

The device has a high build quality with a central speaker and microphone that’s surrounded by touch controls for volume, Bluetooth and to accept and end calls.

There is a stand that folds out from the back of the device so it can sit at an angle and be aimed towards the person in the call.

The unit has 360-degree sound pick-up everyone seated around a conference room table can be clearly heard.

And it’s also possible to link two Jabra devices together for full stereo for calls and multimedia presentations.

Also stored on the back panel is a small Bluetooth USB dongle which can be used to connect with PCs that don’t have Bluetooth built-in.

There’s also a USB cable that can be used to connect the unit physically to a PC and to also charge the internal battery that wraps around the speaker and stays out of sight when not in use.

On a full charge the Jabra Speak 750 will run for up to 10 hours on a full charge – that’s a few days’ worth of calls even when you’re conversations are longer than usual.

You can even pair two devices to the Jabra Speak 750 at the same time.

There is also a Jabra Speak 750 Microsoft Teams variant, certified for Microsoft Teams, with a dedicated LED button which allows instant connection to colleagues.

Notifications alert users when it’s time to join a call, or when someone is trying to reach them.

Tapping the button takes users directly into an ongoing Microsoft Teams call so the connection to colleagues will always be a click away, regardless of presence in the meeting room.

The Speak 750 UC variant is compatible with all leading Unified Communications platforms and has a Smart Button that can be programmed for Siri, Google Assistant or Speed dial.

The Jabra Speak 750 is available now and is priced at $450.


There has never been a better time to have clear communication and the Jabra Speak 750 delivers pro-level quality to your calls and conferences so you can hear and be heard loud and clear.