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Google releases new HP Chromebook 11

hpchromebook2Google has today released the new HP Chromebook 11 – a light and thin laptop that is always running the latest software and that’s secure and easy to use.

The HP Chromebook 11 is available buy from JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores from today for $399.

The device is not a Mac or Windows laptop but instead it is built around the Google Chrome browser and gives users access to all of Google’s online services.

HP Chromebook has a bright 11.6-inch screen with a 176 degree viewing angle.

The laptop has rounded edges so nothing digs into your wrists while you’re typing.

The device is built from a durable plastic shell that’s bonded by a magnesium frame and with no visible screws so it can take everyday bumps and scrapes.

The HP Chromebook has a thin fanless design that’s just 17.6mm thick and weighs in at just 1.04kg.

The HP Chromebook 11

Under hood is 2GB RAM and a 16GB SSD (solid state drive) with two USB 2.0 ports and VGA webcam.

Now these might sound like the specs of a tablet or smartphone but the laptop still offers speedy performance because most of the processing and storage takes place online in the Google cloud.

The device boots up in just 10 seconds and offers easy access to the built-in Google apps as well as the free 100GB of Google Drive space for two years.

Forget storing your documents on USB sticks. With Google Drive, all of your stuff is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any connected device from anywhere.

Users have access to their Gmail account as well as all of their documents that can be worked on while they are online or offline.

The HP Chromebook has a sleek design and can work online and offline

Surfing the web, checking emails and creating and editing documents can easily be done on the HP Chromebook 11 through Google’s Apps and them stored and accessed from any other device from your Google Drive.

Other tasks are also possible including video chats (using Google Hangouts), listening to music (using Google Play or other music streaming services), retouch a photo or edit video (using Google+ Photos or Pixlr) and writing and editing documents (using Google Docs).

Users can also access the latest apps via the web or the Chrome web store. In fact, the Chrome Web Store has web apps for virtually any computing task including education and productivity.

The HP Chromebook 11 is available now from JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman and is priced at $399.

Stay tuned for a full review on Tech Guide in the coming days.

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