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Elgato Thunderbolt drive delivers super fast copy speeds

elgatothunder2Elgato has released a portable solid state drive which, combined with the new superfast Thunderbolt connection, provides the fastest way to transfer data on and off your computer.

Available in 120GB and 240GB capacities, the Elgato Thunderbolt SSD portable can move your content at up to a blistering 270MB per second.

The device is relatively small – it’s slightly larger and thicker than an iPhone – and draws its power directly through the Thunderbolt port which means it doesn’t require a separate power cable making it truly portable.

With high speeds at your disposal, copying large files can now be completed in a few seconds instead of a few minutes.

This sort of speed will appeal to users who are dealing with large files – photographers, graphic designers and anyone working with video.

The Thunderbolt interface is almost four times faster than FireWire and up to eight times faster than the regular USB 2.0 connection.

We tested the Elgato Thunderbolt SSD with a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

The Elgato Thunderbolt SSD is available in 120GB and 240GB capacities

And these speeds work both ways whether you’re transferring data to or from the Elgato Thunderbolt SSD.

Thunderbolt is now standard with the latest Mac computers and laptops and will also be seen in more and more PC desktop and laptops computers

There are no moving parts aboard the Elgato Thunderbolt SSD so there’s no risk of damage when you’re on the move.

The Elgato Thunderbolt SSD’s all metal enclosure is another safeguard to keep your content protected.

It’s also very quiet so you’re not going to hear spinning disc platters or cooling fans despite the device’s high-speed performance.

But the Elgato Thunderbolt SSD is not cheap – the 120GB model is priced at $549.95 and the 240GB is $899.95. Those are recommended retail prices and you may find better prices in store.

And despite those prices, there is no Thunderbolt cable included so it has to be purchased separately. Apple sells a 2m Thunderbolt cable for $55.

The Elgato Thunderbolt SSD will win users over with its speed and portability but that comes at a price.

Unless you need these blistering copying speeds you might be better off with a regular, and much cheaper, portable external hard drive.

Elgato Thunderbolt SSD

Price: $549.95 (120GB) $899.95 (240GB)

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