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Review: Battle: Los Angeles

battle-los-angelesaliens invade

Alien invasion movies are nothing new in Hollywood and the latest – Battle: Los Angeles – ranks as one of the better efforts.

Hostile aliens have arrived on Earth and civilisation is under attack but a Marine unit led by a determined staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart) realises LA will be mankind’s last stand.

Visual effects are first class as is the amazing surround sound track that will give all of your home theatre speakers a workout.  

Rather than creating a worldwide invasion story, Battle: Los Angeles focuses on the battles, both professional and personal, of the Marine unit as they face their toughest challenge against an enemy they hardly know anything about.

Taken for what it is – a fun effects-filled and loud sci-fi action film, Battle: Los Angeles delivers. Those looking for anything deeper would best look elsewhere.

While the actors do play second fiddle to the excellent special effects, Eckhart is well supported by Michelle Rodriguez and Bridget Moynahan.

What complicates the situation is that Sgt Michael Nantz (Eckhart) has just been approved for retirement when the aliens attack.

He is forced to go back onto active duty with his platoon which includes a soldier whose brother was killed under Nantz command in combat.

Los Angeles is under alien attack in Battle: Los AngelesTheir mission is to rescue civilians who are trapped at a police station within the territory already claimed by the aliens and bring them back to Santa Monica Airport before the Air Force devastates the area with a bomb drop.

The clock’s ticking and the members of the platoon has to put aside their personal differences to complete the mission.

The Blu-ray Disc version of Battle: Los Angeles not only provides a excellent picture and sound quality, it also has a host of exclusive special features.

These include behind the scenes featurettes and an exploration of the impressive visual effects used in the film.

On the DVD the extras include four behind the scenes explorations of the production and special effects.

Battle: Los Angeles

Blu-ray and DVD

Three and half stars (out of five)