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Our Skype video interview with the stars of Chronicle

chroniclebdthumbChronicle, the surprise “found footage” hit about three high school friends who develop super powers, has been the springboard to success for Australian actor Alex Russell.

Chronicle is available on Blu-ray and DVD today from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Tech Guide interviewed the two stars of the film – Alex Russell and Michael B Jordan – in a Skype video interview.

Russell received the script from his agent to gauge his interest but it didn’t take the Aussie actor long to realise how good it was.

“I was sent the script by my agent just as a “read for interest” and I read 20 pages and rang her up and said ‘please get me in for this’ and then I read the rest of the script and then called back and reiterated that to her,” he said.

The film is told through the lenses of characters’ cameras – hence the name Chronicle – and follows their friendships after stumbling upon a mysterious cave and emerging with super powers.

Chronicle tells the story about three high school students who develop super powers

Russell says the style of filming was a challenge but the added super powers put another level of difficulty on the whole thing.

“Incorporating all of those things in one scene with so many different elements was a huge challenge,” Russell said.

As a result of the success of Chronicle, the Aussie actor has been cast in one of the lead roles in the remake of 70s classic Carrie – based on Stephen King’s bestseller.

Australian actor Alex Russell plays Matt Garetty in Chronicle

Russell also revealed there would be a Chronicle sequel with the script being written in secrecy.

Will there be a part for him in the film?

“We shall see – hope so.”

Chronicle is available today on Blu-ray and DVD in an extended edition with additional scenes not seen in theatres.

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