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Yeti X USB microphone review – a versatile device for content creators and streamers


The Yeti X USB microphone is one of the most versatile products you can own if you are creating content, podcasting or live streaming.

With so many people creating content like YouTube videos, podcasts and live streaming, the Yeti X USB microphone has come along just at the right time to add a professional level of audio to these productions.

The microphone packs in a lot of features, is really easy to connect and use and it also offers impressive professional quality.

The Yeti X microphone is perfect for users who want to create and record their content directly to their computer so the USB connection is a perfect play.

It can turn your computer or laptop into a recording studio.

Regular microphones with an XLR connection require additional equipment like a mixer to connect to your computer.

No such issue with the Yeti X.

It’s quite liberating to connect to your computer and get recording.

And there’s the additional software – Blue Voice – which helps opens up so many options to customise the microphone and have it adapt to your voice.

The software has numerous controls and settings right down to changing the colours of the LEDs on the Yeti X microphone.

There are a number of presets to suit the type of voice you have and filters to match your sound to that you might hear on an FM station, AM station.

There are even effects called Crisp and Modern and Warm and Vintage to give your voice a nuanced sound.

And if you wanted to dive deeper into the settings you can also play around with noise reduction, a voice equaliser, a compressor and a limiter.

The Yeti X microphone also has its own stand making it yet another thing you don’t have to worry about before you start recording.

Inside is a four capsule condenser array to create clear broadcast quality sound.

It also has four pickup patterns so you can adjust for recording, streaming, conference calls and bidirectional all podcast interviews.

So there is a mode to suit individual recording, conference calls or if you’re sitting opposite an interview subject – both of you will be picked up from either side of the microphone.

This is versatility that you won’t find in a traditional microphone which tend to only focus on one type of recording.

These patterns can be accessed from the dedicated button on the rear of the microphone which will allow the user to toggle to their chosen recording mode.

The front of the Yeti X has a single knob which can not only help you adjust the gain or sensitivity of the microphone but also the headphone level or even a blend of both.

To switch between these settings requires just a two-second press of the button on the knob.

There are also a series of 11 LED lights on the outside of the knob which also give you real-time levels so you know you’re not peaking.

Perhaps the only downside of the microphone is that it’s quite bulky which may be an issue if you need to take it with you to record outside of your home or office.

And there is no case to carry it in either so you just need to be careful.

The new Yeti X has also stick with a microUSB connection. A USB-C port would have been nice – and it would have made it feel like it was a 2019 product.

But these are only minor issues.

The Yeti X is available now and priced at $299.99.


The Yeti X USB microphone is one of the most versatile products you can own if you are creating content, podcasting or live streaming.