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t-Jays Four earphones with three button remote


Jays has made an already good pair of earphones even better with the release of the t-Jays Four which now includes the three button remote and microphone.

The t-Jays Four are exactly like the t-Jays Three in shape and quality but have the added convenience of the in-line remote and microphone which makes it compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

And like the t-Jays Three, these have angled sound tubes which include a vented bass port for a satisfying bass output.

The 10mm TCD driver and neodymium magnets provide unmistakeable clarity and detail that has become the signature of the Jays range.

The shape of the t-Jays Four make them an even easier fit to sit comfortably in place while the silicone tips offers noticeable noise reduction.

The t-Jays Four earphones now include a three buttom remote and microphone

Our favourite new feature was the three button remote which offer precise and reliable control over your calls and your music.

The buttons are responsive and we found it easy to double click and triple click to move backwards and forwards through our playlists.

Jays has also taken into consideration the different ways we will listen to our music with the t-Jays Four headphones with an adjustable cord.

The Kevlar reinforced cable is short enough to connect to an iPhone or iPod Touch being held in a shoulder case with an additional 70cm extension (to take the total to 130cm) if the user decides to carry around their audio source in their pocket or their bag.

A cross section view of the 10mm driver and neodymium magnets inside the t-Jays Four earphones

Also included with the t-Jays Four is a handy round plastic carry case so the earphones can be stored safely and conveniently.

The t-Jays Four encompass all the audio quality we loved with the t-Jays Three but takes it a step further with the remote control and microphone.

It’s an upgrade audio fans will welcome with open arms.

t-Jays Four

Price: $149.95

Four and half stars (out of five)

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