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Stream wirelessly to the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth speakers anywhere

samsungbtspeaker4If you like your music anywhere you need a good pair of wireless speakers to offer convenience and quality which is exactly what the Samsung DA-F61 offers.

The device is an attractive portable speaker system that can pair wirelessly with your device via Bluetooth.

It has a compact metal design and measures 22.5cm wide, 13.1cm long and 4.65cm thick with a weight of 1.1kg.

The DA-F61 has 10W x 2 of total power and has a neodymium speaker and a passive bass radiator.

Also onboard the device is NFC (near field communication) which means compatible devices can be paired quickly and easily by touching the product to the side of the speakers.

Another interesting feature of the speakers is SoundShare. If you own a Samsung smart TV it’s possible to pair the speakers to the TV with Bluetooth to enhance the sound quality if your favourite TV shows, movies and sporting events.

The Samsung DA-F61 speakers

There is a stand which holds up the speakers at an angle along with an attached cover which wraps around the speaker grille when not in use.

Also under the hood is a rechargeable battery that can supply up to 10 hours of playback on a full charge.

And how do they sound?

Audio quality is excellent and offers decent levels thanks to its size and the materials it is made of.

The DA-F61 is slightly larger than your average Bluetooth speakers and you’ll be glad to have this extra size because the result can be heard in the sound.

The Samsung DA-F61 has a stand for easy listening along with audio controls and NFC

They have a slightly larger presence and can easily be heard even quite a large room.

It also uses apt-X technology so there is no loss of quality to your music when it’s streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth from your device to the speakers.

Bass response is quite impressive which is a result of the passive bass radiator which can adapt the output to the size of the space it is playing within.

The bass level can also be controlled which adds to the appeal of the DA-F61 so it can be tailored to your taste.

The Samsung DA-F61 has a leather protective cover over the speaker grille when not in use

Bass is quite a subjective thing so it’s good to know you’re not stuck with a bass level you’re not happy with.

The neodymium speakers produce accurate and crisp sound at all the mid and high range even when the volume is turned up quite loud.

The Samsung DA-F61 wireless Bluetooth speakers are available now and are priced at $299.

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