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Sonos Sub Mini review – add some punch to your music and movies


The Sonos Sub Mini is a great addition to your Sonos soundbar to add some beautiful bass to your movies and music.

The great thing about Sonos is there is a speaker for every customer and every situation including the new Sonos Sub Mini which adds some punch to your music and movies.

The Sub Mini’s design is based on its big brother – the larger original (and more expensive) Sonos Sub.

Sub Mini is cylindrical instead square, but it still does inherit the same technology with dual opposing woofers that can be seen through the oval-shaped opening on the front and back of the unit.

This placement helps reduce distortion so you’re getting a clean bass response.

The Sub Mini is just 30.5cm tall with a 23cm diameter and a weight of 6.35kg.

For our review we paired the Sonos Sub Mini with the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) soundbar. It will pair with the Sonos Ray and Sonos Arc soundbars as well.

This is all done through the Sonos app which recognised the Sonos Beam in our system along with the Sonos Sub Mini.

Part of the connection process was tapping the top of the Sonos Sub Mini with our iPhone like we were making a payment with our digital wallet.

This use of NFC (near field communication) brought across all the necessary information rather than scanning a QR code so the connection took just a few minutes.

There are individual controls within the app for the Sub Mini and the first instinct would be to crank it, but this delivers an overcooked bass response that’s not as clean as you would prefer.

We had the Sonos Sub Mini set up in a large open room and it did well to punch up the dinosaurs footsteps in Jurassic Park, the booming battles in Star Wars and the bass guitar in Queen’s iconic track Another One Bites the Dust.

But it’s probably better suited to a smaller area so its output doesn’t get lost in space.

And unfortunately you can’t pair two Sub Minis to your system to expand the sound.

So, if you have a large open plan area and want to add a punch to suit that size area then we’d recommend opting for full size Sonos Sub which can take control in those larger spaces.

In a smaller room and in an apartment, the Sub Mini would be just right.

And the beauty of the Sub Mini is that it has a small footprint and its design means it won’t look out of place in loungerooms, bedrooms and smaller media rooms.

What customers love about Sonos is the ease of control of their systems and the ability to customise the audio to their space with Trueplay that works through the app. But it’s still only an iOS app function.

Trueplay definitely makes a difference and, to our ears, it made the Sonos Beam soundbar and the Sonos Sub Mini work together and combine for a smoother result.

If you own the smaller Sonos One speakers, they can also be paired as rear speakers with a Sonos soundbar and the Sub Mini to create a satisfying cinematic audio experience at home.

The Sub Mini is priced at $699 but a lot cheaper than the full-size Sub which is $1,099.


The Sonos Sub Mini is a great addition to your Sonos soundbar to add some beautiful bass to your movies and music.