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Sonos introduces subwoofer for its wireless speaker systems


sonossubnewSonos has introduced a new subwoofer to integrate into its popular wireless speaker system and add extra heart-pounding bass to your music.

The Sonos SUB is a wireless subwoofer that can be easily added to an existing wireless Sonos speaker system to provide even more authority and depth to your favourite songs.

Inside are two force-cancelling speakers positioned against each other to allow all of the sound and energy from the music to be heard rather than being lost in cabinet buzz and vibration.

There are also dual acoustic ports which are tuned to maximise the acoustic volume and enhance bass resonance.

The Sonos SUB is powered by two Class D digital amplifiers to match the speaker’s acoustic architecture.

Sonos SUB provides all-digital sound and has a simple design which allows the device to be placed anywhere in the room either upright or on its side.

The product is 40.2cm wide, 15.8cm thick and 38cm wide and weighs 16kgs.

The new Sonos SUB which can be integrated into an existing Sonos wireless speaker system for added bass

Connecting the Sonos SUB is simple through your computer or via the free Sonos app on your smartphone or tablet.

The new Sonos SUB works with all of the Sonos amplified products including CONNECT: AMP, Zone Player 120, Zone Player 100, Play:5 and Play:3.

The device will not work with the non-amplified Sonos CONNECT, ZP90 and the ZP80.

The new Sonus SUB will work with the family of amplified Sonos speakers

Launching in mid June, the Sonos SUB will be priced at $999 for the high gloss black lacquer version or $899 for the black matte finish.

Tech Guide will provide a detailed review of the product when it is released.

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