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Review: t-Jays Three earphones


If you’re serious about your audio then you should be serious about your choice of earphones to enjoy it in all its glory.

Swedish company Jays offers a solution that’s been developed to deliver impressive sound quality – the t-Jays Three.

They have been designed to not only maximise audio output but also maximise the comfort so you can wear them all day.  

The t-Jays have an angled sound tube and feature a vented bass port and an acoustic filter to provide a surprising bass output.

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Add to the mix a power 10mm speaker and listeners will experience clarity to hear every detail of the music and the vocals and the bass response that will really make an impact.

The silicone sleeve ear tip creates a nice noise-cancelling seal with several sizes included to find the exact fit.

The t-Jays Three earphones offer style, comfort and qualityNow the shape of the t-Jays make it easy to give them in a solid position in your ears which we found helpful especially when we hit the road on a run.

They can be worn with the cord running down or turned upside down so the cable can go up and behind your ear if you didn’t want the cord in your way.

Speaking of the cord the t-Jays can be used on their own with its 60cm length of cable or with the included extension cord to lengthen the cable out to 130cm.

A nice little touch was the small slide up clip which allow listeners to take up the slack of the cords going to each of the earphones.

This also helped when we packed the t-Jays away into their included cases. With the clip all the way to the top it made unpacking easier and fewer tangles.

The case is just one of a few accessories that are included in the rounded plastic packaging.

There’s the extension cord, the various size silicone sleeves along with the stereo slipper to allow two users to plug into the same 3.5mm headphones jack and flight adaptor which can connect the t-Jays to an aircraft’s entertainment system.

Our only criticism of the package was the fact the included cases couldn’t fit in all the accessories as well. There was barely room for the earphones in the case so all those accessories just had to be kept in a safe place or in the original packaging.

The t-Jays Three are the top of the line in this range and have rubber coated earphones with a wide 15Hz to 25000Hz frequency range.

There are also t-Jays One and t-Jays Two models available which gives listeners to choice of good, better and best in the range.

t-Jays One are standard black headphones with a frequency response between 18Hz and 20000Hz  while t-Jays Two have glossy black earphone and a 17Hz to 22000Hz frequency range.

The t-Jays earphones unite design and audio quality to offer comfort and a high quality sound reproduction in equal measure. That’s an irresistible combination.

t-Jays earphones

Price: $139.95 (t-Jays Three), $119.95 (t-Jays Two), $99.95 (t-Jays One)

Four and a half (out of five)

 The t-Jays Three earphones offer serious sound quality for serious audio lovers