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Review: Wowee One portable speaker

woweethumb2portable speaker

It’s not always possible to take your favourite stereo speakers or iPod dock with you wherever you go.

But Wowee has come up with a product that will sound like you have done just that.

Wowee One is no bigger than an iPhone but delivers audio that defies its small size thanks to Gel Audio Technology which uses surfaces to enhance sound.  

The new portable speaker can connect to the iPhone, iPad and iPod and any other smartphone, tablet or MP3 player with a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Available on two models, Classic and Slim, and uses a soft gel base to resonate the audio output along the flat surface to create a wider and enhanced sound.

The Wowee One Slim is the same size as the iPhone and produces a huge soundEven when we positioned the Wowee One Slim on top of a cabinet it used the space within the cabinet to amplify the bass response as if it was a subwoofer.

This little device had no right to be producing this type of bass we were hearing but it was and it was all thanks to the Gel Audio Technology.

Apart from the gel base there’s also a high frequency speaker that fires from the top of the Wowee One Slim.

Now we’re not saying you can throw your Bose SoundDock in the bin in favour of the Wowee One Slim but the small device produces surprising and delightful results.

We were expecting the mid-range and high range frequencies to sound a little tinny but instead we got a lot more authority than we expected – especially from a speaker that’s so small.

And because of its gel base, distortion is reduced even at high volume. It’s still there but nowhere near as obvious as smaller speakers that try to produce the same result.

The device has a rechargeable internal battery which can be topped up through a mini USB connection and last up to 20 hours on a full charge.

The Wowee One speakers are easy to carry around whether it’s on your travels or to your next picnic.

More than a million Wowee One units have been sold worldwide and is  available in two models – Classic and Slim.

The Classic is available in four colours – Polar White, Matt Black, Sophisticated Black and Chrome and Electric Pink – and is priced at $99.95.

The Slim is a thinner version of the Classic and offers the same audio quality and is available in Sophisticated Black and Chrome and Polar White. It is priced at $139.95.

The Wowee One Classic (pictured) and Slim are small enough to fit in your hand

The Wowee Classic and Wowee Slim are available now from JB Hi-Fi.

Wowee One Slim

Price: $139.95

Four stars (out of five)

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