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Review: Solar Sound 2 Bluetooth speakers

solar_sound2_06solar speaker

Wouldn’t it be good to have a set of portable speakers that are small enough to easily take anywhere?

And wouldn’t it be great you could stream your music to these speakers wirelessly with Bluetooth.

And wouldn’t it be even better if they could be charged using the rays of the sun? Well, with the Solar Sound 2 speakers you can check all of those boxes.

The 2 x 2W speakers unit is just 16.5cm long and 5.8cm high and wide – so it’s small enough to pop in your bag of you’re travelling or heading to the beach or the park.

It even comes with its own zip-up case so it’s built for travel.


With Bluetooth on board it’s easy to connect to a compatible device like a mobile phone, which is where many of us now carry our digital music.

Even the iPhone can stream music wirelessly to the Solar Sound 2 speakers. In fact any phone which supports Bluetooth profile A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) can do the same. It also works with the iPad and iPod Touch which both have Bluetooth onboard.

But the device also comes with a cable to connect any audio device with a headphone jack directly to the product to enjoy your tunes.

And the sound quality out of the Solar Sound 2 was above average for its size.

It offered crisp quality and decent bass with hardly any distortion even when played at its maximum volume, which was enough to fill even a large room.

The front of the device has control buttons which allow the user to control the volume and move backwards and forwards between songs.

One minor complaint was the fact the volume up and down keys doubled for the keys to skip back and forth between with a long or short press of the buttons determining which command to accept.

We skipped forward once or twice when we tried to advance to the next track but when we got used to the long and short presses this wasn’t an issue. Volume can also be controlled from the audio device so this was hardly a dealbreaker.

If your phone’s connected to the device and you receive a call the speaker pauses the music and allows you to hear your call through the speakers and, because it also has a microphone built into the front, you can also reply.

In my testing the calls sounded OK with just a little bit of crackle in the audio. And the second you end the call, the music picks up exactly where it left off.

When it comes to charging the built-in battery users have two options – they can take advantage of the solar panel on the top surface of the Solar Sound 2 speaker or connect to mains power.

Full charge can be achieved in five hours from the charger or between 12-24 hours from the solar panel. The device can play for up to 10 hours straight while streaming via Bluetooth.

When in direct sunlight the Solar Sound 2 will start recharging the battery but when music is playing it will only power the music playback and not charge the battery.

But it is possible, if the music is played a medium volume, that the solar energy harnessed through the panels will be enough to power the playback without the need to call on stored battery power.

The sounds pretty good to me.

Solar Sound 2

Price: $99.95

Three and a half stars (out of Five)