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Review: Pure Move 2500 portable digital radio

puremovemain3digital radio

Now you can take your digital radio with you with the Pure Move 2500 – a palm-sized compact digital and FM radio.

The device is about the size of an iPod – in fact its polished silver rear face and circular navigation wheel make it look like a distant cousin to Apple’s popular music player.

Pure Move 2500 has a two-line display which shows the station name and other data like song names, talkback numbers and website addresses.  

Also on the screen is time, the battery level and the signal strength.

The popularity of digital radio in Australia is on the rise and the Pure Move 2500 now gives fans the opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear sound quality of your favourite radio station on the go.

It’s easy to take along to the beach, the park, a sporting event or on your travels.

The Pure Move 2500 lets you enjoy digital and FM radio on the go

The Move 2500 is smaller than a deck of cards so it’s easy to slip into a bag or in your pocket.

It measures 10.2cm long, 5.6cm wide and 1.5cm thick and weighs just 105g.

Underneath the device’s display is the navigation dial which also works as a directional key so it can not only access the features but also easily adjust the volume or cycle through the menus and stations.

The Pure Move 2500 is a palm-sized digital radio that you can take anywhereIncluded with the device is a pair of noise-isolating earphones which comes with extra silicon tips to get the right fear on your ear.

The cord of the earphones also acts as the antenna to ensure excellent reception – especially when tuning into digital stations.

We found the earphones sat comfortably in our ear and created a seal that blocked out the ambient noise so we could focus on the radio.

Sound quality is above average whether you’re listening to talkback or music.

There are separate treble and bass controls aboard the Move 2500 so listeners aren’t stuck with someone else’s preferences but can tailor the sound quality to their taste.

On the music side the combination of clear digital transmission, a healthy dose of bass and the clarity of treble, we found the sound quality very satisfying.

The earphone connect to the bottom of the device for some reason rather than the top like the iPod and other audio players. The upside is that the cord won’t block the screen if you’re holding it on your hand.

The Pure Move 2500 has a silver metal rear panelPure’s Move 2500 will receive FM and digital stations with the ability to set up 20 presets for your favourites – 10 for FM and 10 for digital.

Also on board is a removeable ChargePAK M1 battery which – on a full charge – can power through for up to 14 hours if listening so it can easily handle users listening to the Move 2500 all day.

An SD card slot would have been nice to allow listeners to bring their own music but this would have added to the cost and the size of the product.

For those who can’t bear to be away from their radio the Pure Move 2500 is just the solution.

Pure Move 2500

Price: $199

Four stars (out of five)

 The Pure Move 2500 is priced at $199