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Review: Philips Fidelio docking speaker

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The Philips Fidelio speaker dock is one of the most useful products for anyone who owns one or more of Apple’s popular iproducts – iPhone, iPod and iPad.

It can connect with all three either physically through its built-in dock or wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Even the iPad, with its 10-inch screen, can sit comfortably (and safely) against Fidelio’s speaker.

The device has an attractive rounded chassis which not only looks good but also contributes to the sound quality of the speakers.

Fidelio’s shape means there no internal resonance and vibration. The result is less distortion and better, clearer sound.

Also incorporated in Fidelio’s eye-catching design are two bass pipes which fire from the back of the device to deliver a decent bass performance.

Under the hood the product also has Advanced Pure Sound processing technology that employs digital enhancement at every stage the signal travels from the source and out of the speakers to your ears.

Philips Fidelio DS8550/10The dock is spring loaded so it can move to accommodate the various products as well as connect even when it’s in a case.

But the iPhone, iPod or iPad don’t even need to be physically connected to the speakers to be heard.

With built-in Bluetooth users can be up to 10 metres away and stream their music to the Fidelio.

This is a handy feature if you want to hold the device in your hands in a comfortable chair or use another app while the music is playing.

Another useful application of this feature is to enhance the audio experience while you’re playing a game or watching a movie.

To play a game users need to have the device in their hands but the superior speakers on the Fidelio give the music and sound effects a lot more punch.

The Fidelio can turn into a mini home theatre system for the iPad when watching a movie.

The iPad’s docking port is on the bottom so it can only connect to the speakers in portrait mode.

But Philips cleverly includes a separate iPad stand in the box in case users want to sit the device horizontally in widescreen mode to watch a movie and wirelessly connect to the speakers.

Anyone who buys the Philips Fidelio speakers can download a free app from iTunes which offers even more functionality and control.

The Fidelio's curves look good and also help the sound qualityThe app allows users to adjust the audio settings via a five-band equalizer, monitor the battery level and even control the music.

It can also be used to display a clock on the device’s screen and even act as an alarm clock.

The Fidelio also comes with a remote control to navigate your music, adjust the volume and control the onboard Bluetooth from a comfortable distance.

There’s also a built-in rechargeable battery so the Fidelio can also become a portable device.

And when it is plugged in to the mains power it can also recharge whatever device that happens to be sitting in the dock, even the iPad.

The Philips Fidelio is a well-rounded product which delivers in style, function and sound quality.

It’s a good investment if you already own a number of Apple products and want to hear them sounding their best.

Philips Fidelio DS8550/10

Price: $299

Four and a half stars (out of five)