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Review: Grundig Trio Touch

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Grundig’s Trio Touch micro system has all your audio needs covered in a stylish and compact system.

The device features European design, a 3.5-inch colour touchscreen and detachable speakers.

The Trio Touch is a digital radio, an FM radio and an internet radio as well as an iPod dock.  


Grundig has come up with a fine design for the Trio Touch Micro System. It has a gently curving shape and gloss black front face to match the speaker grilles on either side.

Listeners have the choice of keeping the unit in one piece or detaching the speakers and spreading them out to enhance the stereo sound.

A second set of speakers cables is included for those thinking about moving the speakers out even further from the central unit.

Once separated, the speakers reveal they have their own base complete with the Grundig brand. The sides of the speakers in the locked positioned become the tops of the speakers when they are detached.

The Grundig Trio Touch speakers can be detached from the main unit

At the centre of the device is the 3.5-inch touchscreen that looks like a smartphone display with icons to access the many features of the Trio Touch.

When listening to digital radio the screen allows plenty of space for information from the station like program and DJ information complete with pictures and song names.

Artists names and even album covers can be seen and magnified just by tapping them on the screen.

While the screen was easy to switch between features by tapping on the icons we found it a little fiddly trying to hit the smaller onscreen keys. It was also difficult to scroll the lists on the screen.

Thankfully the remote control came to the rescue at these times.

The Trio Touch can also receive FM radio signals and can share 20 presets – 10 for digital and 10 for FM.

Also on board is internet radio which provides access to more than 13,000 stations around the world.

The Grundig Trio Touch connects to your home network wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable.

Icons give easy access to the Trio Touch features

This network connection can also be used to stream music from your PC or Mac computer so you can unleash your own music to hear it through the Trio Touch’s speakers.

Even if your music happens to be on your iPod or iPhone, the built-in dock on the top of the Trio Touch also comes in handy.

The Trio Touch screen can display artist and station information

Once the iPod/iPhone is connected the artist and songs are displayed on the Trio Touch screen and the music can easily navigated backwards and forwards using the remote from across the room.

And while the iPod or iPhone is connected to the dock it is also being charged so there’s no worry about walking about out of the house with a drained battery after hearing your favourite tracks.

If there are videos on board your iPod or iPhone the Grundig Trio Touch can also be used to connect to a TV and display them on the larger screen.


Sound quality of the Grundig Trio Touch was impressive with great bass response.

With 2 x 10W RMS speaker output the device isn’t designed to provide concert strength volume.

Even at full volume it was just enough to fill a room but on the plus side there was virtually no distortion.

Grundig’s Trio Touch is an accomplished all-round product that is easy to use and provides a decent audio experience whether you’re listening to the radio or your own music.

Grundig Trio Touch

Price: $549

Three and a half stars (out of five)

The Grundig Trio Touch Micro System