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Review: a-Jays Four earphones

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Many people are often connected to their iPhones to listen to music, watch movies and make calls so having good earphones can improve the experience dramatically.

The a-Jays Four earphones are a great place to start.

Featuring a flat tangle free cable, the a-Jays Four earphones have a three button remote on the right ear cable to control your music as well as make and receive calls.

a-Jays is a well-respected brand in the audio market and the launch of this iPhone compatible model has been eagerly awaited.

Anyone who’s ever used earphones will know how frustrating it is to try and undo cable tangles.

You’re not going to have that problem with the a-Jays Four thanks to its trademark flat cables.

Users can wind them up or just stuff them in a pocket or bag and they will always unfold easily so you can listen to your music right away.

It’s one thing to have good earphones but if you have to constantly pick up the iPhone or iPod to change the track or adjust the volume is an inconvenience.

The a-Jays Four earphones have an iPod/iPhone/iPad compatible remote on the cable for full control.

What I liked about the remote was it was a decent size, without being huge, with clearly defined buttons.

The concave/convex buttons are responsive for easy volume adjustment and track navigation.

The single click to pause, double click to advance and triple click for the previous track were precise every time.

The earphones included with iPhones and most iPods features a small remote as well but it doesn’t have buttons but rather areas on the click remote which control the volume and navigation.

I’ve found the Apple-supplied earphones to be a little hit or miss and often I’ve paused a song when I’ve tried to double click to go to the next track.

I had no such trouble with the a-Jays Four earphones remote.

There’s also a sensitive microphone on it as well so when you’re on a call you can hear and be heard quite clearly.

This is because the active surface-mounted microphone uses technology to remove mobile signal burst noise along with wide band RF noise suppression to reduce ambient sounds.

The actual earphones themselves have silicon earplugs in three sizes. They fit comfortably in the ear and are quite light so they can be easily worn for extended periods.

Once the a-Jays Four earphones are inserted they create a noise-cancelling seal so all you can hear is the music.

Sound quality is excellent which is what we expected on a product bearing the Swedish’s company’s name.

The flat cord is 115cm long so it can easily be connected to the iPhone or iPod while it is still tucked away in a pocket or in your bag.

The a-Jays Four earphones are priced at $99.95 making it one of the cheaper options for quality iPhone compatible models with a built-in remote.

If you’re looking for sound quality and convenience when using your iPhone the a-Jays Four earphones will easily fit the bill.

a-Jays Four

Price: $99.95

Four stars (out of five)